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Disc: 1

  1. Free

  2. Baby Baby My Love's All for You (Single Version)

  3. What Two Can Do

  4. I Found Love

  5. It's Gonna Take a Miracle

  6. Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (Duet with Johnny Mathis)

  7. Waiting By the Hotline

  8. It's Your Conscience (Single Version)

  9. Waiting (Single Version)

  10. Silly

  11. If You Don't Believe

  12. God Is Amazing

  13. You're All I Need to Get By (Duet with Johnny Mathis)

  14. That's What Friends Are for

  15. The Boy I Left Behind

  16. I've Got the Next Dance (12" Version)

  17. 'Cause You Love Me Baby

  18. When Love Comes Calling


Disc: 2

  1. Let's Hear It for the Boy (12" Version)

  2. Do What You Feel (Single Version)

  3. Without Us - Theme from "Family Ties" (Duet with Johnny Mathis)

  4. I Can't Wait (Single Version)

  5. I'm So Proud

  6. Black Butterfly

  7. Next Love

  8. Never Say Never (12" Version)

  9. Wiser and Weaker

  10. I Confess (Single Version)

  11. All I Need

  12. Healing

  13. Every Moment (Single Remix)

  14. This Is As Good As It Gets

  15. You're All That Matters

  16. Love Won't Let Me Wait (Duet with Johnny Mathis)

  17. Why Can't We Fall in Love

Deniece Williams "Black Butterfly" The Essentials [NEW 2 CD SET]

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